Authentication and Authorization

For security, licensing, and tracking purposes, you’ll need to obtain an authentication token and create an account before you can use the REST APIs.

Note: You must have a paid subscription to access our vehicle collections. For more information, contact us.


Download and install the free Postman application for your operating system. As part of the download and installation process, you will need to create a free Postman account.


Generating Authentication Tokens

To generate an authentication token, you send a request to the Arizona Classic Vehicles web site from your browser using this URL:

The web site returns/displays a response in your browser that includes the token. This is an example of a response. The text in bold highlights the token:


To generate an authentication token:

  1. Open a web browser.
  2. Paste the URL shown in the first example in this section into the Address bar and hit the Enter key.

A response appears in your browser, like the second example in this section.

Important!: Write down the token value. You’ll need to use this value in the next section.

If for some reason you want to generate a different token, and the system returns the same value as before, clear your browser cache and generate the token again.