Become a “Native” Arizona Classic Vehicles Distributor

Become a “Native” Arizona Classic Vehicles Distributor

There’s no better place to buy an vehicle than Arizona. Especially if it’s a “native” Arizona car, or a car that’s been purchased in Arizona, and for the most part, has stayed in Arizona.

Because Arizona has low humidity, sparse rainfall, and our roads are rarely covered by snow (so we usually don’t need salt or other snow removal agents), Arizona cars and trucks usually have less corrosion and rust than vehicles from just about any other state.

Using our Representational State Transfer (REST) application programming interfaces (APIs), Arizona Vehicles APIs provides a seamless way for classic car dealers and collectors to display Arizona vehicles on their websites, devices, etc.

What’s in It for You

You’ll receive a predetermined commission for each sales prospect originating from your website. Commission rates depend on the type and value of the vehicle. If you have classic vehicles that you’d like to post on our site, you can do so for a small fee for each vehicle.

Vehicle Types

You can use the following native Arizona vehicle types in your site:

What You’ll Need

To start your online distributorship, you just need to subscribe to our collections and incorporate our APIs. To do that, you’ll need two things:

  • A paid subscription to our API collections. Contact us to get started.
  • A developer to implement the APIs. If you don’t have a developer, contact us to line one up for you.

For more information about implementing our REST APIs, see Getting Started.

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